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The North Centers and the State Center Community College District have policies regarding the use of our community college's computer resources. In addition, there are policies which govern the online learning experience. As in any class, there are rules which student's must obey. These guidelines help ensure that your learning experience is enjoyable and productive. 

   In order to enroll in this online course, you must read and agree:
  1. To use the facility (Facility refers to SCCCD's Facilities and the website) for educational purposes and not for financial gain.
  2. To use the hardware or software in an ethical manner. This implies that I will respect the security of the computer system and I will not illegally gain access to the network, hardware, or software.
  3. Not to take or copy any copyrighted software and/or patented software or part thereof. I acknowledge that it is illegal to do so.
  4. Not to install any program or software, shareware programs included, on the computer systems.
  5. To leave the specific computer area clean upon departing the facility.
  6. To respect the right of others using the facility and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  7. Not to consume or display food, gum, or drink (including water) in the facility.
  8. Not to use ELECTRONIC MAIL for any illicit purposes including solicitation. North Centers reserves the right to monitor messages on ELECTRONIC MAIL on all college computers and on all emails related to this online course.
  9. To abide by the rules of any other computer system that I may contact via Internet.
  10. To move data and text files that I have created to my personal floppy disks in a timely manner. The facility manager may require purging files on the college computers.
  11. Not to transmit any communication where the meaning of the message or its transmission or distribution would violate any applicable law or regulation or be offensive to the recipient or recipients thereof.
  12. Not to search, view, or download pornographic material via Internet unless authorized in writing by an instructor for a class.
  13. Use of any information, programs or data obtained from or via Internet is at my own risk. North Centers especially denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained.
  14. To follow the directions of the lab assistant, supervisor, instructor, or staff member.
  15. Inappropriate comments will result in expulsion from this course. Your student transcript will reflect either a failing (“F”) or an incomplete mark. Depending upon the nature of the remark, additional actions may be taken. Interactions a student has with this course online are recorded including comments, essays, notes, and emails. Inappropriate comments include, but are not limited to fowl language, sexual remarks, insulting remarks, and/or threatening remarks. You are encouraged to report other students that violate this agreement. There are methods to report such students anonymously. Reasonable steps will be taken to maintain your anonymity but anonymity is not guaranteed. In addition, your work will be viewed and graded by others. Other students will also be able to view and use your email address. Please use common sense when determining what you share about yourself or others. Any suggestions regarding the improvement of this course should be communicated via email directly to the instructor.
  16. Accepting this agreement by clicking the button below indicates that I understand and am willing to comply with the course policies and expectations. In addition, I understand that this agreement may change and I must print a copy of the agreement I am accepting at this moment for my own records. I give the instructor my permission to access my academic record. It is understood that all information will remain confidential and will be used for academic advising and anonymous statistical purposes.
  17. Interpretation, application, and possible modification of the Use of Computer Facilities Agreement is within the sole discretion of The North Centers. Please direct any questions about any issue arising from this Computer Agreement to the appropriate Division Dean.
  18. I acknowledge that if I violate any of the rules of this agreement, I am subject to removal from the computer facility and / or suspension from The North Centers.
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